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Learning to Lead

Want to plan and run a campaign to highlight the need for pay equity for women? Or help organize Take Back the Night, one of  F&M's largest events of the spring semester? Or mentor a disadvantaged high school student to help her prepare to apply for college?

Come to the Alice Drum Women's Center! Also join us on Facebook!

And contribute your voice to the Fem&M, the Women's Center Blog

Founded in 1992 to encourage dialogue on women's and gender issues, advocate for women, and promote equality and mutual respect on campus, the Center offers a myriad of opportunities to develop leadership skills.

You could serve on the student-run board that guides the Center's activities. Applications are accepted in early spring. 

  • Join one of the student campus groups associated with the women's center:

    • Voices for Planned Parenthood/VOX, student contacts:  Arissa Brown or Akida Green
    • IWOC/International Women’s Outreach Committee, student contact: Kimberlee Tragesar
    • SAVE/Sexual Assault & Violence Education, student contacts: Danielle Roth or Jade Risser

The many faces of the Alice Drum Women's Center:

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    • WomensCenter
    • womens center
    • Women's Center
    • Take Back the Night
    •  Women's Center
    • Womens Center
    • WomensCenter
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  • Chin Keynotes F&M's 'Take Back the Night' April 17
  • Performance Artist Staceyann Chin Keynotes 'Take Back the Night'
  • A performance by award-winning poet and activist Staceyann Chin and a vigilant march around campus were the central events in Franklin & Marshall College's revamped observance of "Take Back the Night" on Thursday, April 17. Click on the photo for the story.

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  • F&M's International Women's Week Features Scholar at Risk Al Atrash
  • Syrian director Naila Al Atrash, a human rights activist who fled persecution in her home country for her teaching of critical theatre, delivered the keynote address and visited with students as part of Franklin & Marshall College's celebration of International Women’s Week March 16-22. Click on her picture for the story.