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Tucked within the arts quadrant on the campus of Franklin & Marshall College, the Writers House is an actual house, a lovely arts and crafts-style cottage, complete with comfy couches, kitchen, and a fireplace. We serve as a literary performance space for the college community; a podium for hundreds of world-class and emerging authors; an incubator for student-run publications and programs; a classroom for writing-related courses; and a hub for creative innovation on campus.


Story 6/7/2016

Meg Day's Amy Lowell Poetry Traveling Scholarship Recap:...

Last week, as I was sitting on the Capricornia Cays National Park pontoon in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef and shading my eyes from the neon glow of the water, all I could think was There is...

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September 28
event 9/28/2016

Craft Talk with Etgar Keret

Writers House Reading Room

Etgar Keret’s most recent work is the memoir The Seven Good Years. His work has been translated...

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October 13
event 10/13/2016

Faculty Writer: Erik Anderson

Writers House Reading Room

Erik Anderson's second book of nonfiction, Estranger (2016), is the fourth selection in Rescue...

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October 21
event 10/21/2016

Workshop with Alysia Harris

Writers House Reading Room


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