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Sydney Pierce

As a first-year, I wish I knew that it was okay to say "no."

There is so much pressure to be involved at F&M, to be in clubs, hold leadership positions, and take on independent projects. Don't get me wrong, extra-curriculars have been a huge part of my college experience. I've been actively involved in the Dance Company, Alpha Phi, and, of course, my wonderful job at the Writing Center. I learned so much from these opportunities, but they can add a certain level of stress to the average college work-load.

There will always be another thing to apply to, to add to your resume, to agree to take part in, but it isn't the quantity of activities that counts--it's the quality! Join clubs that you are truly passionate about, and take a leadership position that directly relates to a future career path. But don't say yes to everything.

Remember that part of the college experience is sitting around on a Wednesday night talking about nothing and ordering sushi. Remember that down-time (and nap-time) is just as important.

  • Sydney Pierce