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From Director Daniel Frick

  • Dan Frick


We're finishing up an extremely productive semester at the Writing Center: 1315 tutorials as of today (on our way to a semester total in the mid-1400s), 40 in-class writing workshops—and another issue of our newsletter, Active Voice!


This issue contains a variety of stories, Center news, writing advice, and even a personal essay.


  • Check out the first episode of Alex Hartline's serialized fictional saga "F&M Confidential: The Confessions of Gil Goodpen."
  • Hear about how the Writing Center's computer workstation brings writing back in to  the Writing Center.
  • Catch up with tutor emeritus Libby Gaines Brill ('07), and see what adventures her post-F&M life and career have brought her.
  • Get advice on how to keep your essay assignments moving ahead, despite having very little free time for writing.
  • Meet two new members of the Writing Center staff, Amy Blakemore ('13) and Aly Massof ('11).
  • Learn from Brad ("Doc Writing") Woodman ('11) about the joys of writing with a really fine pen in  your  hand.
  • Greet our new Writing Center secretary, Jennie Leary.
  • Read "Revising the Future," a reflection by Valeri Harteg ('11) about how her experiences as a writing tutor have made her rethink her career plans.


We invite you to explore and send us your thoughts.  We'd especially like to hear from our tutor alums; please forward on any news you'd like to share in upcoming issues.

Look for Active Voice again in late January!