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Tutor Twitter Tips

by Maggie Phenicie '13

Looking to create or expand your Twitter account to help your “personal brand”? (Don’t worry—we’re not sure what that means either.) Twitter is a fun, easy tool to connect with your friends, celebrities, and potential clients. Follow these tips for a fun and fulfilling Twitter experience.

Do: Follow people relevant to your interests.

If you’re interested in a writing or publishing career, consider following publishing houses, famous writers, and websites like McSweeney’s. People looking for new followers will search the followers lists of famous or notable people or groups in their interest fields, and you should be on them!

Don’t: Follow just people you know in real life.

That’s why you have a Facebook page. It’s fine to build your followers list and receive updates from people you already know, but this is your chance to branch out. See what’s going on with NASA. Check MOMA’s page for internship information. Learn what Shaq’s up to these days.

Do: Follow Shaq.

No explanation needed. He’s great.

Do: Write clever, interesting tweets.

Nobody cares what you ate for breakfast. Give us something substantial. Put on your Henny Youngman hat and write your best pithy quip or one-liner. If you’re not feeling very funny, share remarkable links or offer an unusual take on the current news. Just remember—your tweets are going to the Library of Congress, after all.

Don’t: Be wordy.

There’s a 140-character limit for a reason, and there’s rarely a need for your thoughts to spill onto a second tweet. Tone it down, Dostoyevsky.

Do: Consider that, unless you’re making your account private, your posts have a much larger audience than on Facebook.

Twitter is not the place for your radical political views, your profanity-laden complaints about D-Hall’s lack of Lucky Charms, or your photos from last night’s party. The Internet is forever, and—not to get all conspiracy theorist on you—those pictures have a way of staying put even after you delete them.

Don’t: Typ3 lyk3 THiZ.

Or no one will read your tweets.

Do: Follow the Writing Center on Twitter!

Check our page for updates on cancellations, general WC news, information about workshops, and interesting tweets from our tutors and friends!  We’re @FMWritingCenter

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