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Visitor Interview

By Anita Asiedu'14

We have had the pleasure of working with our fellow students on all kinds of projects this semester. From oral presentations to poetry to short stories to law school applications to an autobiography, we saw it all. I intereviewed Emmanuel, who came in fairly frequently to work on his memoir.

What do you come to the Writing Center for?

This semester I’ve been coming to the Writing Center to work on a story I started writing in high school. I finished writing it this summer, and while everything makes sense to me, I’m working with tutors in the Center to make sure the story flows well. We read the story out loud, one paragraph at a time. We discuss the paragraph and its relevance, and we move on when it’s clearly in the right place for good transitioning and continuity.

Should your fellow students be coming here for help with writing that's not just an assignment for a writing class?

My fellow classmates would benefit from using the Writing Center for both class assignments and personal projects. The exercise of writing is much easier when you can talk with someone after reading a paragraph out loud to make sure that an idea is intended and motivated. I prefer stories that are easy to read and understand. I wouldn’t want to read a story that makes sense only to the writer.

The Writing Center is a place where I can be sure that someone will take the time to understand my writing, and we can talk about my style, broaden my perspective, and not feel stuck or limited to one mode of expression. I know myself well, and sometimes I get too deep describing something very simple. The  Center is a good place to help me figure out exactly what I am trying to say. We laugh sometimes, we talk, and no one’s feelings get hurt.


Thanks so much for the great sessions, Emmanuel, and we look forward to many more. Fellow students, please feel free to come and see us with both academic and personal assignments. We look forward to working with you!

  • Anita Asiedu WC Tutor