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February 2013

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  Welcome from Assistant Director Justin B. Hopkins '06             and the Editorial Staff: Matthew Girolami '13, Nate Gill '14, Lindsay Hartman '13, Douglas Hill '14, and Sydney Pierce '13

  •  Justin Hopkins and swan theater

How is it almost Spring Break already? 

Not that we're complaining, mind. As we at the Center immerse ourselves in Spring projects--principally hiring and Whitesell Competition judging (there's still time to submit Foundations essays!)--we're looking forward to a bit of a break to catch our breath.

We hope you'll take a moment as we face March to peruse our offerings--there are some unusual ones!

In this issue

  • Amy Blakemore '13 interviews Tutor Emeritus (and Religious Studies Visiting Professor) Nathan McGovern '03
  • We open a Forum on Formality in which Douglas Hill '14 explores the differences between writing a business plan and an academic essay and Matt Girolami '13 recalls wrestling with rules of grammar