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Digital Story

by Laura Moorstein '13

My planner is unreadable, my desk is unusable, and the stress is unbearable. This can only mean that finals are fast approaching. All of my assignments start to look the same, except for one.

Professor Nesteruk’s Corporate America senior seminar requires students to create a “Digital Story” - a short film that conveys a message. What at first seems like a daunting task turns into an enjoyable final project, a break from the monotonous stream of essays.

The process is quite similar to a traditional research paper: choose a topic and develop an argument. But students communicate their ideas using iMovie. All digital stories must use narration, video clips, images, and audio to present their argument. One of the most rewarding aspects of the project is discovering newfound skills. By the end, the project allows students to reflect on how they see the world, while gaining transferable skills for Corporate America.

Combined, the project creates a memorable experience for all involved. The final product is different than the conventional final paper, but the basic process is the same. The key difference is that the digital story applies the research in a new context and forces group members to expand their skillset. Since most students have little to no experience using iMovie, it becomes a learning process for everyone. But the best part of the project is that it’s fun! 

  • laura moorstein