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Mapping the Center

by Laura Moorstein '13 and Alex Hartline '13

We write here, we eat here, we relax here, we sleep here. We are the Diagnothian Dwellers, the tutors of the Writing Center.

After walking up the flight of creaky stairs and passing by old letters and photos, you arrive at the office of the Director, Professor Frick, complete with more books than the Library of Congress.

Enter the Center, and to the right you will find “Chateau” Judith (Stapleton), the Office Coordinator. To the left you see the workstation, comprised of three iMacs, each with its own unique name: Thomas Pynchon, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Toni Morrison. Try them all!  We would love you to come in even if you don't have an appointment. Hang out, do some work, and if there’s a no-show or late cancellation, we can even help you out! There are two couches, by far the favorite spots for most tutors to conduct their sessions. But if you'd rather snuggle up in a chair—of the plush or plain variety—we have those too.  

Straight back on the stage is Professor Hopkins' office, also known to some sad students as "The House of Pain." Just a few feet away sits tutor Alex in his natural habitat (he even sleeps here some nights—"but it's cool, not weird..."). Tutor Teresa ("T") has her own throne too, where she plots her Honors Thesis. Alex and T share their desks with the rest of us as needed, and we all get energy from the unlimited supply of M&Ms and coffee.

Check out the map below, and know that we welcome you to share this space with us, not only to discuss your writing, but also just to join us in having a good time!

  • laura moorstein
  • alex hartline