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The Hunger Games: Writing Center-Style

edited by Amanda Loh '13

Conversation at the Writing Center is unpredictable. Some days, tutors will philosophize about American politics and suddenly switch to discussing the nutritional value of Sodexo food.

One day in early February, the conversation turned to an even quirkier topic. Someone posed a question that instantly prompted a variety of answers, and a loud debate ensued. A few tutors began researching historical facts to support their arguments, while others began finding parallels between this question and the novel that spawned it.

The conversation became heated, and we decided that the best way to find the answer to the question was to duke it out with our words. We leave the decision up to you, the reader. Read the scenario and responses below, then go to our Facebook page and cast your vote in the poll. 


The year is 1776. Two-score men gather in an American forest and notice a cornucopia containing bows & arrows, flint-lock pistols, hatchets, and knives. The men realize that in order to survive, they must eliminate each other. Only one can survive. Which US President would win the Hunger Games (against the other presidents) and Why?

In chronological order:

George Washington

Andrew Jackson

James Polk

Zachary Taylor

James Buchanan

Abraham Lincoln

Ulysses Grant

Theodore Roosevelt

Herbert Hoover

Franklin Roosevelt

Dwight Eisenhower

Richard Nixon

Barack Obama

  • Amanda Loh