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March 2012 Issue

Welcome from Assistant Director                                                  Justin B. Hopkins '06

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Welcome back from Spring Break, and welcome Spring! 

At the Center, we've noticed an exciting trend: more and more visits from students in upper-level classes. So far this semester, nearly 40% of our traffic has come from students in clases at the 200-level or above, compared to just above 25% last year and under 20% the year before that. We are delighted to be working regularly with several students in 300 and 400-level seminars, and we want to encourage even more to join us.

Remember, the Center is available and useful for everyone, from the first-year trying to revise a research paper, to the junior submitting a personal statement for a summer internship, to the senior grappling with an honors thesis.  Even our tutors--some of the strongest writers on campus--regularly come to the Center for a session of advice on their own work. One of our features in this issue covers just that.

Another thing about this issue is worth mentioning: up until now, Active Voice has been completely green--no paper involved. However, while we want to remain as environmentally friendly as possible, in an effort to raise readership, we've decided to distribute flyers promoting the newsletter. We hope you'll join our efforts to increase our visibility around campus by sharing us with your friends, and we thank you, our already faithful fans, for following! 

In this issue

  • Find out just how helpful a session at the Center can be--even and especially for advanced writers-- in Tutors Tutored