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March 2013 Mini-Issue

  • Active Voice

Welcome from Assistant Director Justin B. Hopkins '06             and the Editorial Staff: Matthew Girolami '13, Nate Gill '14, Lindsay Hartman '13, Douglas Hill '14, and Sydney Pierce '13

  •  Justin Hopkins and swan theater

As we approach the end of the year, we--like you--face the prospect of saying goodbye to dear friends. This year, with ten tutors graduating, it will be particularly difficult.

In this special mini-issue, we offer a preview for one of our final features: What We Wish We Knew When We Were First-Years--some of our senior tutors' last messages to the F&M community. The rest will follow in our year-end April issue.

All too soon, we will miss our tutors terribly, but meantime we can relish each word they say.