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May 2011 Issue

Welcome! From Director Daniel Frick

We've just finished a most successful year at the Writing Center!

With a record number of sessions for a spring semester (1,084), our staff held a total of 2,634 writing tutorials this academic year.  To put this number in perspective, that's 251 more Writing Center sessions than last year, which was our previous high, and 1,009 more visits than just five years ago.  In addition, we conducted 62 in-class writing workshops.  The tutors have been busy!

My thanks, and great admiration, goes to the amazing Writing Center staff—Greg Brennen, Val Harteg, Caitlin Black, Amy Blakemore, Judith Stapleton, Chad Wright, Sara Lupolt, Perry Oddo, Brad Woodman, Samantha Graff, Katie Cooper, Allison Massof, Katie Delaney, Alex Hartline, and Kevin Brown.  I appreciate your dedication to the Center and all your hard work on its behalf.

To mark the end of this academic year, this issue of Active Voice

  • celebrates the culmination of one of the Writing Center's most satisfying relationships as Chao Bian ('11), a student who visited us more than 100 times in the last four years, graduates.  Chao and four of the writing tutors reflect on their work together and what they've learned from one another
  • welcomes back Justin B. Hopkins ('06), who will serve as Acting Assistant Director of the Writing Center for the 2011–2012 academic year
  • announces the winners of this year's Whitesell Prize for Expository Writing in General Education
  • introduces our eleven new staff members for 2011–2012
  • completes our profiles of the 2010–2011 staff

Enjoy, and have a great summer!

  • Dan Frick