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Catie Seibel '13

Get your chance to know Catie while you can, because with study interests in Transitional Justice in Africa, who knows how long she will stay Stateside.

In addition to career interests in international government and law, Catie is also artistically inclined—she spent nearly a decade painting landscapes and still lifes, and, surpisingly, she still finds time to indulge her hobby. Or perhaps unsurprisingly is a more fitting term, considering Catie’s masterfully balanced schedule, which includes everything from active sorority involvement, to her independent study, to working at the Writing Center, and a myriad of other activities.

But that’s not to suggest Catie is overwhelmed. If anything, this frantic senior year has helped her recognize her growth into a young professional. Catie posits that everyday interactions here at F&M have the potential to help others grow as well. Consciously or not, “from meeting with a professor in office hours” to “raising your hand in class,” Catie believes that all these moments provide growth. And if you don’t come out of college with a job, at least you come out a more fully developed human being. 

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