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Maggie Phenicie '13

Senior English major Maggie may teach your children how to write one day—that is, if she’s not busy focusing on her own writing. But then again, she could find a way to make both work.

While you may spot her reading gritty authors like Tim O’Brien, Maggie would be more than satisfied writing topically humorous quips for Saturday Night Live or The Daily Show. Although her post-graduate paths seem divided, Maggie has invested an awful lot in both; while last semester’s independent study focused on her experience with teaching, this semester’s independent study focuses on pithy comedic writing. That’s right, Maggie has tackled two independent studies!

When asked to pick a favorite class here at F&M, Maggie could not choose, perhaps revealing her diverse dedications. Thankfully, the Writing Center benefits from and fosters her passions both for creative expression and education. 

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