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Matt Girolami '13

An English Major, Matt partakes of both the literature and creative writing tracks that the department offers. Lit Theory and Writing Fiction vie for the distinction of his favorite class, and Writing Poetry would too – if he weren’t still taking it. Though he loves both, he has designated study spaces for each. You’ll either find him in the windowless basement of Shad-Fack with an academic paper or at his kitchen table with a short story or poem. 

Matt's pieces may be decorated with a few semi-colons, his favorite punctuation, and they may also explore controversial social problems, like marriage and procreation. Either way, they will strive to be more than just words on a page. “Good writing,” Matt believes, “is irreplaceable” – and this is, in part, why he applied to the Writing Center.  

Currently, Matt is applying to Grad Programs in Literature. If that doesn’t work out, he’ll create a food truck. And most importantly, he will “Act. There will always be pain. Living safely is boring.” 

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