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I can’t write without coffee. It’s interesting, because I can write pretty much anywhere that’s relatively quiet, and I don’t particularly care about how messy my desk is or how comfortable my cloths are.  The trick here, though, is that if I don’t have a hot cup of coffee with me, these other things become terribly important. 

Coffee helps me give my complete and undivided attention to my writing, and without that, I write both slowly and incomprehensibly.  This applies beyond standard papers too.  If I have a tough exam coming up, a good shot or two of espresso is a great help.   When I’m still brainstorming or sketching an outline, a nice cappuccino or latte (or even a cup of caffeinated tea) can help keep my ideas flowing without any jitters.  In short, my writing is a process best begun (and continued) caffeinated. 

On that note, this mug could do with a refill. 

  • Nathan Gill