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Initially, I write down scribbles, circles, quotes, and vague ideas. I sit down with an old notebook and let my ideas spill out. Then I usually eat something. Then I regret doing so because it’s after dinner, and I didn’t really need to eat it.

I sit down with my computer and my headphones and put on Kanye West or Jay-Z. I like to brag that I own the full Jay-Z catalog, but I really only listen to two or three albums. Later, I get sick of those same two or three albums and switch exclusively to Kanye.

For a while, my fingers flounder over the keys, and sometimes I even have to type song lyrics and phrases like “Title Goes Here” just to warm up my fingers.

I eat something else.

After a few minutes of mindless typing, haphazard snacking, and Kanye beats, somehow my ideas come together. I type furiously until I complete a draft.

Following revisions, I have another snack. 

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