Human Rights Week: F&M Engaged in South Africa

Recorded March 29, 2012 in the Ann & Richard Barshinger Center for Musical Arts.

Watch a 2-minute video of highlights from this event

Ryan McGonigle ’08, post-graduate fellow for Educational Outreach at Franklin & Marshall College, talks about his involvement in the Chris Campbell Memorial Field. He also introduces Noluvuyo Nkazi Dudumashe, assistant program coordinator and life-skills facilitator for AMANDLA EduFootball. The mission of AMANDFLA EduFootball is to promote the advancement of education by the provision of sports structures, training and facilities of children and young people in disadvantaged communities in Africa, specifically targeting youth who are no longer in the care of their families.

Hear also about the experiences of F&M students and alumni who have been involved in service projects in South Africa: Rebecca Green ’14, volunteer for ONE Goal and launching 100 Goals for Peace this summer, and Meaghan Mancini ’10, student at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Sponsored by the Central Pennsylvania Consortium (CPC), The Human Rights Initiative, Women’s Center, Ware Institute for Civic Engagement, Office of the Chaplain, Women’s Soccer Team, Men’s Soccer Team, International Women's Outreach Committee, Women's and Gender Studies.
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