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English Department Awards & Recipients

The Arleen (Cookie) Faust Prize for Humor Writing

Deadline:  March 18, 2014 at 4:30pm

This award is meant to celebrate Arlene "Cookie" Faust, the beloved academic coordinator for the English department at Franklin & Marshall College from 1985-2012.  For 27 years, Cookie, supported and cared for the English department -- its faculty, students, and alumni -- as if they were her family.  Her signature warmth, skill, wisdom, kindness, and humor uplifted and instructed all who worked with her.  A longtime employee of the College, and a mother of two and grandmother of four, she possesed a wealth of experience and told fabulous, hilarious stories.

Submissions for the prize should be entertaining and funny.  Work in any genre is accepted, and there is no page limit.

The winner will receive $250.

2014 Arleen (Cookie) Faust Prize for Humor Writing Recipient:  Warren Glynn '15, "I Am the Bad Guy"

Previous Prize Recipients:
  • ​Maggie K. Phenicie '13

The Elisabeth Doreen Shaw Russell Award in Creative Non-Fiction

Deadline: March 18, 2014 at 4:30pm

This award is meant to celebrate the life and achievements of Elisabeth Doreen Shaw Russell, B.A. M.A. Oxford.  She taught briefly at Franklin & Marshall College and several years at Lancaster Country Day School, then 20 years at Elizabethtown College where she chaired the English Department for her last 10 years.  She demanded nothing but the best from her students and colleagues, and she demanded nothing which she did not freely give. 

This award is meant to acknowledge the achievement and passing of a great student, a great teacher, and, above all, a great person.

Submissions for the prize should focus more on the personal rather than on the public concerns.  For instance, if one was writing about the natural world, Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods would be a good model.  Put differently, what we are looking for is writing that dramatizes internal more than external concerns. So, writing that leans towards the memoir or autobiography would not be amiss.

2014 Elisabeth Doreen Shaw Russell Award in Creative Non-Fiction Award Recipient:  Becca Bolstein '14, "I'm Still a Bride"

Previous Award Recipients:
  • Nina M. Chiappetta, '14
  • Douglas Howard Hill, '14
  • Douglas Graupe '09
  • Indrapramit Das '08
  • Amanda K. Berman ‘09

William Uhler Hensel Prizes

Submission Deadline: March 18, 2014 at 4:30pm

Each year, the department may award two Hensel Prizes, one to a member of the senior class and one to a member of the junior or sophomore class. To be eligible for consideration, a paper must have been submitted in an F&M English course since the time of the last competition in the Spring of the previous year. Essays must be submitted in triplicate to the English Department.


  • The paper should have a controlling idea, one that offers a compelling reading of a text or texts.
  • The paper should be excellent stylistically, clear, correct, and graceful. It should be effectively developed.
  • The essay should be scholarly, using secondary sources in a way that contributes judiciously to the argument.

Papers should be edited for submission and may be revised. The essay should be typed and double-spaced. The writer should be sure to include his or her name and class year on the manuscript and should identify the course for which the essay was originally written. Winners will be asked to submit their essays on disk. Questions relating to the Hensel Prize competition should be directed to the English Department.

2014 Junior Hensel Prize Recipient:  Anh Nguyen '16, ""Now These Are Sonny's Blues": Suffering and Sympathy in the Short Story"

Previous Prize Recipients:
Senior Prize:
  • Sydney E. Pierce, '13
  • Christine Yin Hui Cheah '11
  • Arpita Roy '09
  • Alissa Butterworth '08 
  • Kristen Evans ‘07
  • Justin Hopkins ‘06
  • Sara M. Ritter '05
  • Christine Oestreich '04
  • Stephanie Lautenbacher '03
  • Jamie L. Koprivnikar '02
  • John L. Parsley '01
  • Heather Ann Rodino '00
Junior/Sophomore Prize:
  • Douglas Howard Hill '14
  • Douglas Howard Hill '14
  • Charlotte Elizabeth Carroll '12
  • Peter George Cutler '10
  • Arpita Roy '09
  • Christine DiDomenico ‘08
  • Monica Turner ‘08
  • Jessica Migliore ‘07
  • Kathryn Bursick '06
  • Christopher H. Jacques '05
  • Whitney Trump '05
  • Stephanie Parent '04
  • Gizem Arslan '03 
  • Amy Hofmann '04
  • Jonathan C. Strout '02
  • Christopher Allott Chappell '01

Academy of American Poetry Poetry Prize

Submission Deadline: March 18, 2014 at 4:30pm

Every spring, the English Department accepts submissions for the annual Academy of American Poetry Poetry Prize. Only Franklin & Marshall students are eligible. Each submission must be limited to one poem of any length, subject, or form. The poem must be original. Translations are unacceptable. The author’s name is not to appear on the poem but must be on a cover sheet that contains the title of the poem and the author’s name and campus address. Submit the poem in triplicate to the English Department.

The winner will be chosen by members of the English Department and will receive a $100.00 honorarium from the Academy of American Poetry. Also, the English Department will sponsor a reading for the winner late in the spring semester.

2014 Academy of American Poetry Recipient:  Rachel Landau '14, "Death on the Tongue"

Previous Academy of American Poetry Recipients
  • Amy V. Blakemore '13
  • Garrett Stephen Schmidt '13
  • Adam Gould '10 and Matt Oleksa '10
  • Madison E. Kille '11 with honorable mentions to Douglas Graupe '09 and Kunal Pal '09
  • Madison E. Kille '11 
  • Jessica N. Migliore ‘07
  • Margarita P. Delcheva ‘07
  • Elizabeth A. McDonnell ‘05
  • Christopher Jacques ’05 & Rebecca Peters-Golden ‘04
  • Megan Laverty ’04 & Rebecca Peters-Golden ‘04
  • Rebecca Peters-Golden ‘04
  • Molly E. Dowd ‘02
  • Richard E. Lovejoy ’01 & Christopher A. Chappell ‘01

Alice and Ray Drum British Isles Summer Travel Awards

Submission deadline:  March 18, 2014 at 4:30pm

The Alice and Ray Drum British Isles Summer Travel Award, first given in 2001, offers $1,500 to support summer research in the British Isles. The award is enabled by a donation by Dr. Alice Drum, Vice President from 1988-2001 as well as a professor in the areas of English literature and Women's Studies; and by Dr. Ray K. Drum, who taught for more than thirty years at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, and who is also an enthusiast of traveling and hiking in the British Isles.

How to Apply

Winners, with a preference for English majors who will be enrolled at the College in the semester following the award, will be chosen by a faculty committee appointed by the Provost. The Committee may interview finalists and request letters of reference.

Winners agree to use the funds as stipulated in the proposal and to submit receipts to the Business Office within 30 days after completion of the project. Winners are recognized at Awards Day and are expected to write a report and (except graduates) to make presentations on campus to interested groups about their projects, including at the Campus Research Fair.

Application Materials and Procedure

Candidates should submit the following to the English Department (Keiper 303), all in one print copy:

1. The Summer Study/Travel Awards Application Cover Sheet. The form will guide you in how to submit these supplemental items:

2. A copy of the your latest unofficial F&M transcript.

3. A biographical essay of about 500 words describing your education, interests, achievements, personal and professional goals, and other relevant factors.

4. A statement of about 500 words about the project: its objectives, how you will achieve them, its connection to your interests, background, and goals, and how you will share the results with others.

5. A budget of all expected expenses (using the Summer Award Budget form), including any that would be met from other sources.

6. One letter of recommendation from a faculty member or administrator familiar with your work and proposal, and the names of two more FSA willing to recommend you.

2014 Alice and Ray Drum British Isles Summer Travel Award Recipient:  Anastasia (Tess) Melcreit '14


Barbara Nelson Award

In 2007 this award was offered for the final time.  We thank Dr. Nelson for his encouraging contributions to our creative writing program for over 27 years.

Barbara Nelson Award Recipients
  • Carly R. Mankus '07 & Elizabeth A. Bryne '07
  • Margarita P. Delcheva '07
  • Elizabeth A. McDonnell '05
  • Robert Long '05
  • Christopher Jacques '05
  • Gregory J. November '02 & Tessa A. Barber '04
  • Marc B. Restaino '01 & Sara J. Sussman '03
  • Marc B. Restaino '01
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