Meet the Future with an Understanding of the Past 

Only with knowledge of the past, where humans have come from and how they have responded to success and failure, can anyone expect to understand the consequences of future actions.

The Franklin & Marshall History major offers a comprehensive curriculum, covering a wide range of geographic regions, topical themes and time periods. Our faculty includes specialists in American and European history, as well as Latin American, Jewish, Asian, African and Islamic World history, reflecting our international focus.

We encourage our students to study abroad throughout the world. Our students have studied in Argentina, Australia, Austria, China, El Salvador, England, France, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania and Zanzibar, among others.

In keeping with the traditions of a small, liberal arts college, we direct a large number of independent studies, allowing students to study specific topics related to world history while pursuing a personal line of intellectual inquiry.

We provide close supervision as students learn the essential skills of historians. Through survey and topics courses, seminars and independent study projects, students gain the ability to research thoroughly, read critically, analyze sources accurately and write and communicate their findings clearly.

The study of History at F&M provides a strong foundation for many professional fields. Recent graduates have chosen careers in law, government, business, journalism, teaching, marketing, foreign service and archival and museum management.

The Pulse

Story 4/9/2015

What You Don't Know About The 800-Year-Old Magna Carta

An 800-year-old document written by an English scribe in the Court of King John is "hard-wired" in America's political and legal system, just as it is in England and Europe. 

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Story 3/18/2015

Censoring Racial Ridicule: A Century of Fighting Hate Speech

Early 20th-century entertainment that depicted the Irish as childlike drunks, Jewish people as greedy manipulators, and African-Americans as violent sexual predators spurred these groups to challenge...

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Story 3/9/2015

Three Colleges Join to Explore Impacts of First World War

On March 27-28, Franklin & Marshall College will host the Central Pennsylvania Consortium's (CPC) symposium on World War I's enduring effects. "Legacies of the Great War: Remembering World War I...

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April 23
event 4/23/2015

History Dept. Spring Reception

Klehr Multipurpose Room One 1st Floor

All History majors and minors, as well as members of Phi Alpha Theta, the History Honor Society,...

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