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Honors Projects

History Honors Theses


Scott David Salmon, "Colleges in Crisis: An Investigation into American Higher Education During World War I"


Elizabeth M. Parks, "The Prostitute, the Solder and the Individual: The Fight for Morality in World War I Lancaster and Beyond"

Margaret Caroline Parr, "A Neat Little Chapel of Our Own: The Successful Establishment of Methodism in Lancaster County"


Nicholas Morrison Gardner, "Cannibals in the Community: The Saga of the Whaleship Essex and Related Accounts"

Peter Frank Svider, "Municipal Public Health Failures and Socioeconomic Differentiation During the 1918 Influenza Pandemic's Spread in Philadelphia"



Ashley Rachel Kline, “A Struggle for Identity: The Role of Landsmanshaftn in Preserving and Expanding Jewish American Culture”



Andrew Theyken Bench, “The Emergence of the Medieval Family”
Dana Louise Marinin, “Roma di Mussolini: An Ancient Obsession”

James Brett Weber, “The Rice King’s Revolt: The Revolutionary Experience in South Carolina, 1774-1776”



Christine Marie Corkran, “Defining Political Action: Posters and Graffiti from Paris 1968”

Rajeshwari Dasgupta, “Destabilizing ‘Nationalism’: Indigenous and Subaltern Imaginative Space in the Construction of Bengali Nationalist Discourse”

Stephanie M. Hill, “One Step Closer to Freedom: The ‘Self-Reconstruction’ of Cecil County, Maryland and the Seeds of African American Protest and Leadership in Cecil County’s Black Community from 1864 to1910”



Sophia Naseemullah, “’Everybody’s War’: The Role of Women in Great Britain During World War II”

Benjamin Tischler, “The Dodgers Move West: A Case Study of American Demography and Economy Following World War II”



Philip Andrew Spiniello, “The History of Women’s Sports at Franklin & Marshall College: The Effect of Title IX”






Diana Christina D’Amico, “Politics, Policy, and Paranoia: Education at the Dawn of the Nuclear Age”



Timothy Edward Brixius, “America’s Dream Highway (The Pennsylvania Turnpike)”

Ana Cristina Gutierrez, “Project Gemini: The Twins Rendezvous”

Simon Grahame Kendall, “The Historikerstreit: The Holocaust, National Identity, and West German Historians, 1986-1987”

Siobhan Kathryn Young, “The Politics of Global Reconstruction in Argentina”



Timothy Bryan Adelman, “The Art of Generalship: Robert E. Lee and the Battles of Antietam and Gettysburg”

Elizabeth Ann Frey, “The Politics of Strategy: The Luzon/Formosa Debate”

Hilary Nicole Green, “Free Black Resistance to Slavery: A Case of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1804-1851”



Jason Donald Eastep, “Beyond England’s Control: Anglo-American Pirates in the Americas”

Catherine Marie Keller, “Meaning in the Midnight Sun: Midsummer Festivals and the Construction of European Identities”



Danielle Anne Kilpatric, “Immigrants in American Eyes: Native-Born Americans’ Reactions to Immigrants in the Late 19th and Late 20th Centuries”



Darren Jon Check, “SKINHEADS: Anti-Semitism and the Rise of the Racist Right Warriors”

Bruce Anthony Ong, “Perseverance in the Face of Adversity: The American Soldier During the Ardennes Offensive, 16-19 December 1944”



Megan Kathleen Gallagher, “Lancaster Women’s Club, 1880 to 1920”



Andrew Thomas Kuhn, “Nowhere to Go: The Political History of Section 936 & Puerto Rico’s Dependence”

Andrew Mark Silver, “The Impact and Influence of the Anerican Press on the Vietnam War: 1961-1963”



Christopher Nead Chapman Jr., “The Harvard Brain Deaf Committee: Politics and Philosophy in the Definition of Death”

Gregory August Spellmeyer, “The Congress of Vienna: A Colossal Magnum Opus”

David Shepard Webber, “Operation Silver Bayonet: The First Calvary Division’s Battle of the Ia Drang Valley”






Timothy James Keller, "Conscription and Draft Resistance in Pennsylvania During the Civil War 1861-1865”

Andrew Marc Meadow, “Toleration to Constitutionalism: How England’s Social Contract Theory Evolved From the Theological Arguments for Religious Toleration”

Jeffrey Frank Taffet, “The ‘New Foundation’: Jimmy Carter’s Foreign Policy During the First Two Years of His Administration”

Nancy Roxanne Tobin, “The Rise and Fall of the Greens in West German 1970-1900”



Theodore Brown Gerstein, “The History Of The Soviet Space Program”

Lynn Petrillo, “Nationalism And Communism In Poland, Hungary And Romania, 1945-1980”