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Philadelphia Story: Ballet's Cultural Influence in Early America

  • Philadelphia Story: Ballet's Cultural Influence in Early America

A bustling American city's emergence as a cultural center for an archetypal European art form has drawn the research interest of a dance professor and a Hackman Scholar at Franklin & Marshall College. Philadelphia embraced ballet in the early 1800s, drawing famous European dancers and introducing America's best performers. "We're examining just how much ballet was occurring, and the level of influence it had culturally in Philadelphia at that time," said junior Emily Hawk, a double major in dance and history. These decades, when dance was being forged in American culture, are a focus of research by Lynn Brooks, Arthur and Katherine Shadek Professor of Humanities and Dance and the Brooks College House Don. Click here to read the story. (Photo by Melissa Hess)

Exchange Program Offers Valuable Research, Life Opportunities

  • UK Exchange Program Offers Students Valuable Research, Life Opportunities

Work on a paper about the religious origins of the English Civil War sent F&M History major Danny Pellegrino '16 to conduct research this spring at Chichester University in the United Kingdom, part of an exchange program between the two institutions. Then, in June, two Chichester students, Charlotte Petrie (left) and Sophie O'Reilly, came to F&M to research American history topics. This was the third time Chichester students visited F&M, but only the first time that institution hosted a student from F&M. The program was organized by Professor of History Maria Mitchell, and Professor of History and American Studies Louise Stevenson advised the Chichester students on their research while they were at F&M. Click here to read the story. (Photo by Melissa Hess)

Research Project Merges History, Computer Science

  • Investigating Infanticide in Late 19th Century Northern Mexico

Franklin & Marshall College Assistant Professor of History Laura Shelton is collaborating with two student Hackman Scholars, Cesar Diego '16 and Morgan Gray '16, on the cause behind an unusual number of infanticide cases in 19th century Mexico. Diego is a computer science major and Gray is a double major in history and Spanish. The project merges computer science and history, reflecting how technology today is making more and more historical records available via the Internet. Click here to read the story. (Photo by Melissa Hess)

History Department Sponsors Graduate School Workshop

  • yousef weingerter workshop 4 1 14

History Professor Hoda Yousef (Ph.D., Georgetown, 2011), and Kyle Wengerter '12, who majored in History at F&M and is finishing a Masters in the Arts of Teaching Social Studies at Rutgers-Newark, led a Graduate School Workshop at F&M on April 1. The workshop was hosted by the History Department but open to all students interested in going to graduate school. The following questions were addressed, and participants were encouraged to ask others as well: 

  • What can you do with an MA or PhD in History?
  • How to apply and make yourself an attractive candidate?
  • How to secure funding (fellowships and teaching assistantships)?
  • What is it like being in graduate school (finances, classes, professors, dissertation or thesis work, exams, etc.)?

F&M Professors Offer Perspective on Crisis in Crimea

  • Crisis in Crimea

History Professor Abby Schrader was one of three faculty members who participatedin a panel discussion to provide some perspective on the Crisis in Crimea on March 20 in Ware College House. Click here for the story.

Student Researcher to Document British Gay Rights Movement

  • F&M Student Researcher to Document British Gay Rights Movement

Trey Williams '14, a history and government double major, was awarded a Nissley Grant through F&M for his independent study project on the history of the British gay rights movement. The grant supported travel and a week of archival research in London in January 2014. In this photo he is discussing the project with Professor of History Maria Mitchell, who is advising him in his independent study. Click here to read the story.

F&M Faculty Reflect on 50th Anniversary of JFK's Assassination

  • F&M Faculty Reflect on 50th Anniversary of JFK's Assassination

History Professor Van Gosse is one of four F&M faculty who reflect on the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination in an article for the College website. "John Kennedy's death fascinates because it has no logic," he says. "President Lincoln died as an act of retribution in the name of the defeated Confederacy. James Garfield was a political target: Anarchists killed lots of political leaders in those years, all over Europe. But Oswald? We don’t know what to make of him, with his wanderings." Click here to read the full article.

Author Shares New Perspective on U.S. Role in Vietnam War

  •  Author Shares New Perspective on America's Role in Vietnam War

On Nov. 4, 2013, author and researcher Nick Turse told a Franklin & Marshall College audience that the 1968 attack on My Lai and My Khe -- at the time believed to be an isolated incident -- was one of hundreds of such assaults on the Vietnamese by American soldiers, resulting in the murder of thousands of civilians. Turse's talk was the third of four in the "Irregular Wars" lecture series developed by History Professor Van Gosse. Click here to read the story on the College website.

Hackman Scholars Help Bring Historic Records to Public

  • Hackman Scholars Bring Historic Records to Public

Krissy Montville '14 (left), a History minor, and Rick Thoeben '15, a History major, worked on a project to digitize the records of the Junior League of Lancaster during the summer of 2013. They worked with History and American Studies Professor Louise Stevenson as part of the Hackman Scholars program. Click here to read the story on the College website.

F&M Community Debates Options in Syria

  • syria talk banner

History Professor Hoda Yousef (right) was one of four F&M faculty members who participated in a panel discussion on Sept. 10, 2013, about possible U.S. intervention in Syria. Click here to read a story on the college website; click here for local news coverage of the event. (Photo by Melissa Hess)

'Irregular Wars' Series Explores Insurgencies throughout History

  • 'Irregular Wars' Series Explores Insurgencies

From the American Revolution to World War II, to Syria and Afghanistan today, armies have contended with "irregulars" -- fighters who conceal themselves among the citizen population and launch "hit-and-run" attacks on their targets, according to F&M History Professor Van Gosse. He created a seminar-style course for F&M students and a public lecture series to delve into the history and politics of these tactics. "Irregular War: Guerrillas, Partisans, Bandits, and Mujahedeen" examines the history, theory, and practice of guerilla warfare and counter-insurgency throughout the modern era. Click here to read the story.

British Exchange Students Delve into America's Past at F&M

  • 2013 chichester exchange students banner

Two students from England's University of Chichester visited Franklin & Marshall College in June 2013, delving into America's past as part of the student exchange program between the two institutions' history departments. In this photo, John Scott Fitzgerald (right) and Ian McDevett meet with History and American Studies Professor Louise Stevenson to discuss their research. Click here to read the story.