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Study Abroad

    • Andrew Berg in Ramallah
    • Though the weather was chilly this February 12th 2011, spirits were warm at an "Arab Spring" rally in Ramallah, West Bank. Palestinians celebrated the fall of Egyptian President Mubarak, and chanted their own slogans, hoping that democracy would reach Palestine as well.

    • Andrew Berg '12 in Jerusalem
    •  Andrew Berg and his sister visit the Dome of the Rock Islamic shrine atop of the volatile Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel.

    • Andrew Berg '12 in Nablus
    •  A hike overlooking the Palestinian city of Nablus in the West Bank took an interesting turn for Andrew Berg '12 and his friends. A squad of heavily armed Israeli soldiers pulled up in a jeep, warning the group that they had trespassed into a military zone. After a long conversation in broken Hebrew and English, the Israelis let him and his group go--but only after asking to be friends on facebook.

    • Hannah Foley in Venice
    •  Hannah Foley on the Rialto bridge across Venice's main canal after a long day of shopping.

    • Hannah Foley in Rome
    • Hannah Foley in front of the Franklin & Marshall store in Rome. They had all sorts of cool pictures taken on campus as well as from our past sports teams inside the store. When she told them she went to the real school in the United States, the saleswoman didn't believe her and got angry because she took pictures inside of the store. 

    • Hannah Foley in Siena
    • Hannah Foley in Siena, Italy for the Palio, a bareback horse race in the center of the city's Piazza del Campo. In the background of the picture you can see the flags of Siena's 17 Quartiere (neighborhoods) that compete in the race. 

    • Katie LeDain at Mont Saint Michel in Normandy, France
    •  Katie LeDain at Mont Saint Michel in Normandy, France

    • Katie LeDaine at the Eiffel Tower
    •  Katie LeDaine at the Eiffel Tower

    • Katie LeDain at Chateau de Montgeoffroy in France
    •  Katie LeDain at Chateau de Montgeoffroy

    • Katie LeDain in a Nuclear Bunker in Prague
    •  Katie LeDain in a Nuclear Bunker in Prague

    • Katie LeDain in Barcelona
    •  Four F&M students abroad -- visiting Barcelona!

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Please Go Away!

Majors and minors in the Department of History are strongly encouraged to study abroad because personal familiarity with foreign cultures is increasingly useful in an ever more interconnected world. Students interested in off-campus study should meet with their academic advisor or the History Department chairperson as early as possible. We encourage those students considering study abroad for their entire junior year to take the History Workshop (HIS 360) in the second semester of their sophomore year at the College.

When you're ready to begin planning your journey and applying to programs, attend a Starting Points meeting at the Office of International Programs.

Majors and minors in the History Department have participated in the following programs in recent years:

  • Advanced Studies in England, Bath, England

  • Hood College's Coastal Studies Program

  • Syracuse University in Strasbourg, France; Madrid, Spain; and Florence, Italy

  • Sarah Lawrence College programs in Florence and Paris

  • Butler University Program at Oxford University, England

  • School for International

  • Training programs in Cape Town, South Africa and Zanzibar, Tanzania

  • American University's Washington Semester program

  • IES programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Salamanca, Spain; London, England; and Vienna, Austria.

  • F&M in Mexico faculty-led summer course in Oaxaca, Mexico

  • Summer exchange at Tohuku Gakuin University in Sendai, Japan

View the full list of pre-approved semester and academic year programs to explore more possibilities.