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    • The College House System
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Franklin & Marshall has a four-year residency requirement. Since Fall of 2011 with the opening of our new college house, we grew to approximately 1550 beds on campus and in the theme houses.  All first-year students are required to live in their assigned College House. Second year students may choose to live in their College House, in theme housing or in one of our residential quad annex buildings (Thomas or Schnader). Juniors and Seniors are permitted to live in their College House, in theme housing, in an annex building on the residential quad or in approved off campus housing within the college's portfolio. 

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Upon entry, all incoming first year students are assigned to membership in a College House based on their first year seminary choice. Although students will not be required to live in the College House all four years, this affiliation continues through all four years and extends beyond graduation. The five College Houses are Bonchek, Brooks, Weis, New, and Ware.

The College House system seeks to build community among residents of the houses by promoting the idea of continuous membership. This idea of continuous membership is important because it supports several critical features of the system.