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Music Pre-Orientation

This program, sponsored by the Music Department and Music Honor Society, provides opportunities for new students to engage with upper classmen, music faculty, and the Lancaster arts community before the semester even begins. Students do not need to be an intended music major to participate.

First-year student participants arrive to campus early and settle in before the rest of the first-year students. Musicians can complete the audition process for instrumental and choral ensembles without the stress of fitting in practice time during general orientation.

If the student desires, they can also participate in a one-on-one coaching session with a faculty member and/or an upper-classman instrumentalist or vocalist before music ensemble auditions.

Instrumental auditions are 10 minutes in length. For the audition, performers are asked to prepare a piece that they feel comfortable with and to prepare major scales, up to three sharps and three flats, in as many octaves as they are interested in playing.

Vocal auditions will include exercises to assess vocal range and quality, aural skills, and sight-reading ability. Prepared songs will be welcome, but are not required.

Note: If you're planning to participate in the Music Pre-Orientation, please do not sign up for other pre-orientation programs such as international student or PIT. You'll miss out on important activities in the instrumental music pre-orientation.

The fee is $75 payable by check (made payable to Mu Upsilon Sigma). Checks should be mailed to:

Franklin & Marshall College
Music Department
P. O. Box 3003
Lancaster, PA 17604

Register here for the Music Pre-Orientation. 

Schedule subject to change

Tuesday, August 26
12-2:30 pm
Students arrive and unpack at Houses

4:45 pm
Alma Mater Rehearsal/Mini-Concert

5:15 pm
Ice Cream Social & Parent goodbyes

5:45 pm
Welcoming remarks, Ice breakers

6:30 pm

7:30 pm
Student-led concert in Miller Recital Hall

8:30 pm
Game Night

Wednesday, August 27
10 am

11:30 am
Downtown Lancaster tour

1 pm

2-5 pm
Coaching session, Capture the Musical Flag

6 pm
Dinner with Dr. Norcross, Instrumental Ensemble Conductor

8 pm
Movie night

Thursday, August 28
10 am

11 am
Sibelius crash course
Jam session in Buchanan Park

12 noon

2-6 pm
Auditions, tie dye and games

6:30 pm

9 pm
Casual gathering