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Adrianna Carlessimo

Living in Madrid has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. One of the first things I learned, while living with my host family here, is that the word “awkward” does not exist in Spanish. While trying to explain various “awkward” circumstances that I had encountered, it was very difficult. I didn’t understand why, originally, but after being here for about two months now, I’ve realized how much this in itself says about the culture. There is no such thing as “awkward” here. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful, and Madrid has really begun to feel like home.

The way of life here is completely different from the US, and I have learned to enjoy life in a totally different manner than before. Living with a host family has taught me to appreciate the culture and the people that I would have never done otherwise. Madrid is an amazing city and it is going to be very hard to go back “home” with the same feeling of “home” as before.

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