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Alison Benowitz

     I graduated in 2005 from F&M with a B.A. in Psychology and Spanish. I entered Fordham University in 2005 in a PhD School Psychology program and I am currently in my fourth year. I will receive an M.S.Ed in School Psychology with a specialization in Psychology of Bilingual Students in May 2009; a Professional Diploma (P.D.) in School Psychology in December 2009; and a PhD in May 2010 in School Psychology. I have passed the New York State Bilingual Education Assessment (BEA) in order to receive a Bilingual Extension in school psychology.

     Speaking Spanish has greatly helped me with my school psychology studies and will be a great advantage when I start to work as a school psychologist. I am able to administer cognitive, achievement, and personality tests in both English and Spanish, which will prove to be an asset in the field of school psychology. It will also be beneficial in areas of New York where Spanish speaking school psychologists are greatly needed. I have been accepted for practicas, externships, and other experiences because of my ability to communicate in Spanish. From my experiences, I just want to express to everyone how important and how advantageous it is to be able to communicate in another language. I have been able to help people who normally would not be able to or know how to take advantage of resources that are out there because of the language or cultural gap.