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Language Studies Requirement & the Placement Exam

The Language Studies Requirement is intended to help students develop informed and thoughtful awareness of language as a system and of languages as artifacts of human culture. Students may meet this requirement by passing, with a regular grade, the third course in a foreign language sequence or by demonstrating equivalent proficiency through testing. In particular, this requirement is satisfied by:

  1. Passing with a regular grade at least one course at the 200 or higher level taught in the student’s non-native language;
  2. Studying in a non-English speaking country and completing a course at the 200 level or above in a foreign language;
  3. Scoring 4 or 5 in the Advanced Placement Exam in a Foreign or Classical Language;
  4. Scoring 5 or higher in a Foreign Language Course via the International Baccalaureate; or
  5. Placing into the fourth semester course or higher in the language sequence as taught at Franklin & Marshall through a placement exam administered by the appropriate Franklin & Marshall academic department.

ADVISORY: If you place out of the LSR in Spanish, you cannot then decide to enroll in SPA 101 or SPA 102 or SPA 201 without losing all or part of your waiver. For example, if your place into Spanish 201 but decide to enroll in SPA 102, you must complete SPA 102 and SPA 201 in order to fulfill the requirement.  

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  • Placement Exam
  • Franklin & Marshall offers placement exams in any of the languages that we teach at the College.