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Spanish Summer Travel Awards

Award: $3000 for summer research travel in a Spanish speaking country. (Research can be combined with a short period of study).

  • Be a major or minor in Spanish
  • Be a sophomore or a junior
  • Have completed at least SPA 202 when applying

You need to submit a proposal to the Spanish Department Chair. In your proposal you should describe your research project. Include:

  • Why the project interests you
  • What the main focus of inquiry will be
  • Methodology you will use
  • Contacts you have established in the place in which you will conduct your research
  • Outcome of your research (poster, paper, presentation, etc.)
  • Budget

You need to have at least one advisor that would supervise your project.  Your advisor needs to be from the Spanish Department. If you are interested in doing research from a specific perspective (e.g., Anthropology, Art, Biology, etc.) and you prefer to have an advisor from a different department, you can do so as long as a member of the Spanish Department is a co-adviser.

Applications must be received by 4:30pm on the first Friday in February.

Application and budget form available here: Spanish Summer Travel Award Application

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