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Spanish Tutoring Program

We are here to support your positive and successful experience in Spanish!



Tutoring sessions are intended for 100 and 200 level language students and offer a low-anxiety environment in which to ask questions, prepare for exams and discuss concerns one-on-one with a peer tutor.

Please ask your instructor whether you should be seeking the help of a tutor in particular. If no specifc pairing is advised, simply contact anyone of our collaborating tutors (see list below).

The fine print: Please be aware that tutors cannot help you write your compositions, as receiving help from a more advanced student for written work constitutes a violation of the college's honor code.

Meet Our Tutors!

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Stephanie Karwacki

Hola! My name is Stephanie Karwacki and I am a second-semester senior (más o menos) with a double major in Spanish and English Literature. I originally planned on a Spanish minor (as it had never been my favorite subject in high school), but taking classes at F&M turned me around completely. I spent two months this past summer in Guatemala and that really reinforced my interest in Spanish. It’s more than just a language. As a tutor, I aim to work with students on the finer points of the language, but in doing so, help them understand their own learning style. I am looking forward to working with you all in the upcoming semester!


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Dan Rairigh

¡Hola! My name is Dan Rairigh and I am a double major in Spanish and French here at F&M. I am currently a junior and I have assisted with the Spanish Tutoring Program since last term. I am very passionate about Spanish and I really enjoy helping others learn it; it’s a spectacular and very useful language! I am currently in my Latin American Literature Seminar, SPA478 Erotismo y Modernidad, with Professor Theumer. Above is a picture of me when I interned at Instituto Cervantes de Paris!

I am often very busy on campus, but I am always open to scheduling an appointment with a student who needs help with Spanish (grammar, vocabulary, etc.). Spanish wasn’t always easy for me, which is fortunate in that I appreciate some of the common difficulties that non-native speakers face when learning Spanish. My goal is to help students around those obstacles and find simple ways to remember grammar rules, vocabulary words, or whatever they are struggling with.

I am usually free Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings. If you are free another time during the week and want to check my availability, please send me and email! ¡Hasta pronto!

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Templeton Timothy

Hi! My name is Templeton Timothy and I am a Senior double major in Spanish and Psychology. I have lived in Spain twice; once in high school in Zaragoza, and last year I spent the entire spring semester (and much of the summer) in Madrid. I love tutoring because, as someone who is not a native speaker, I find that my methods of learning the grammar rules are very similar to students in the classes nowadays. I look forward to meeting/helping out this semester!


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Justis Wright

Hola! My name is Justis Wright, and I am a junior here at F&M, who is double majoring in Spanish and Sociology.  I have been taking Spanish classes since 6th grade, which has fostered my deep interest and passion for the Spanish language.  In the past, I have volunteered as a teaching assistant for Spanish Immersion programs, and I have volunteered as a mentor/tutor for students whose primary language is Spanish.  This semester, I am available to tutor on Thursdays from 5:30-7pm.  With that being said, I am so excited to work as a tutor this year, and I look forward to helping you all with your Spanish studies!