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1. Will the instructor at the Spanish Writing Center correct my grammar?

Instructors will point out the grammatical errors they find as they read and help with grammar concerns. However, if a paper presents clear signs of neglect with respect to basic grammar and editing (e.g., gender agreement, accents, made up words, etc. throughout the paper) instructors may chose to stop marking each single error every time it occurs.

Please understand that the main goal of your visit to the center is to receive feedback from a reader similar to the audience your paper is intended for, with the ultimate goal of strengthening your writing skills.

2. Can I bring a draft that is not complete?

We require that students bring complete drafts of their paper. While drafts that are nearly finished could be acceptable in some cases, your instructor will not provide feedback if you only bring an outline or disconnected fragments of text.

3. Can you help me find a topic for my paper?

Unfortunately, no. If you are having trouble finding an appropriate topic, the best source of help will be the professor whose class you are writing the paper for.

4. Will you look at my entire paper?

This will depend on the length of your paper and how easily it reads.

Our instructors will do their best to provide feedback on the entire document. However, depending on the writing and the challenges the paper presents, instructors may need to engage in a discussion with you before they have finished reading the document in full and this could take the remainder of the hour. Importantly, note that if a paper presents severe structural problems that impede minimal comprehension, the instructor may provide you with some initial feedback to work on and end the visit before time is up.

5. What if I would like to come back after implementing a first round of feedback?

Unless otherwise specified by your professor, and contingent upon appointment availability, you can sign up for a second appointment and have your paper looked at again.

6. Can instructors gauge the quality of my paper?

Our instructors can gauge the quality of your writing but they will in no way emit judgments as to the content of your paper. This means that while we can assist you with how well your ideas are articulated, we will not evaluate the quality of the ideas themselves.