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This website contains all Franklin & Marshall College policies.

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  • Policies are categoried by topic for easy navigation. Click on a particular category to display a list of all policies within it.
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Policy Approval Process

All proposed new polices and changes to existing policies must be submitted to the relevant senior officer for review. Once reviewed, the senior officer will bring the proposed policy to senior staff for review and recommendation to the President. The President will review the recommendation and make a decision on approval. Only the President or Board of Trustee approved policies will be considered policies of the College.

Mandated Reporting Under the Clery Act, Title VII and Title IX

Franklin & Marshall College has outlined a set of policies and procedures for "mandated reporters" to report incidents of sexual misconduct.

The Mandated Reporters Resources website explains the meaning and purpose of mandated reporters, outlines the legal context, and articulates a straightforward set of guidelines for employees to follow.