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Alcohol Policy for College-Sponsored Events

  1. Justification and Statement of Policy
    This policy strives to provide a safe and healthy environment in which staff and students may work and study by ensuring the responsible use of alcohol at events sponsored or hosted by Franklin & Marshall College (“College”). This policy also provides a set of requirements and expectations for external entities holding events with alcohol on College property. 
  2. Scope
    This policy applies to all Franklin & Marshall College staff, faculty, and students, as well as third parties who rent or utilize College property.
  3. Definitions

    A.  College-Sponsored Event:
    Events funded in part or whole by Franklin & Marshall College at which College students, faculty and/or staff are in attendance. This policy does not cover student party registration or events that faculty and staff hold in their individual capacity with personal funds.

    B.  College Property: All land, ground structures, facilities, and/or other physical property owned, controlled or operated by the College, including approved off-campus student housing facilities. Space that is rented or reserved for the purposes of College-sponsored Events is considered to be controlled by the College.

    C.  External Events/Third-Party Events:  Programs and activities organized by individuals, organizations or groups who are not part of the organizational structure of the College and who enter into a facility use agreement or other contract to use the College’s facilities for the benefit of their own program.

    D.  Senior Officer: Divisional leaders of the College who report directly to the President.
  4. Policy

    A.  General Guidelines/Requirements

    The following general guidelines and prohibitions apply to all College-sponsored events as well as all events involving alcohol on College property:

    1. Requests to hold College-sponsored events with alcohol must be initiated by completing the Request for Permission to Supply and Serve Alcoholic Beverages at College-Sponsored Events form, and events must be approved and scheduled in accordance with this policy as well as the College’s standard event and facilities scheduling procedures.

    2. Alcoholic beverages will not be served at College-sponsored events unless the event has been approved by the Senior Officer of the sponsoring department as well as the Director of Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management. Senior Officers have the authority to deny requests that do not fit within communicated divisional/departmental guidelines.

    3. Alcohol served at restaurants as part of meals provided to donors, speakers and job applicants is exempted from approval by the Director of Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management but still must be approved by the appropriate Senior Officer.

    4. All purchases of alcohol for events on College property will be coordinated through the Office of Auxiliary Services, who will handle purchase and distribution at cost to the applicable department or division. Requests must be made using the “Request for Permission to Supply & Serve Alcoholic Beverages” a minimum of twenty-one (21) days prior to the proposed event. 

    5. The purchase of alcohol for College-sponsored events at private residences is prohibited.  The President’s residence is exempt from this requirement.

    6. Non-alcoholic beverages and sufficient food must be available for the number of guests anticipated whenever alcoholic beverages are to be served. Unless approved otherwise by the AVP for Auxiliary Services or designee, all on-campus event food service will be provided by the College’s contracted food service company.

    7. For on-campus events, the Department of Public Safety will be notified upon approval by the Director of Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management. In certain circumstances, as determined by the Director of Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management, additional private security may be required.  

    8. No attendee under the age of 21 may lawfully possess or consume alcoholic beverages. Attendees may be subject to College disciplinary action for underage possession, consumption, or transportation of alcoholic beverages, or for providing alcoholic beverages to any person who is underage.

    9. Except for persons holding the appropriate state licenses, no one shall sell, either directly or indirectly, alcoholic beverages. Examples of prohibited conduct include, but are not limited to, charging admission to an event or selling alcoholic beverages by the drink.

    10. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed outside the predetermined boundaries for the event.  All alcoholic beverages should be consumed or disposed of by all participants before they leave the premises.

    11. PA State Liquor Laws supersede this policy. Link:

    B.  Additional Requirements for College-sponsored Events with Students
    In addition to the above requirements, the following requirements apply to College-sponsored events where students will be present:
    1. Events involving students are subject to additional review by the Director of Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management, who has the authority to provide exemptions from policy or require additional guidelines as risk mitigation measures. 

    2. A College-approved, licensed third-party vendor (e.g. Sodexo) must be retained to serve alcohol at events where students are in attendance. Self-service of alcoholic beverages and BYOB are strictly prohibited. 

    3. All attendees may be required to wear an event-issued wristband showing that they are 21 or older in order to receive alcohol service. The College can refuse admittance to anyone, and proof of age may be required at any time before being granted the permission to consume alcohol at any College event.

    4. Unless  approved by the Director of Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management, the maximum length of events will be four hours, during which no more than three (3) beverages may be served to any individual.  Alcohol service will end prior to the end of the event. Service of alcohol to attendees may be monitored through tickets or pull tabs on wristbands. 

    5. The service of hard alcohol (e.g. liquor, distilled alcoholic beverages) is prohibited where students will be in attendance. Alcoholic beverages can not exceed 15% by volume and will be served at a rate not exceeding one standard drink per hour. 

    C.  External Events/Third-Party Events

     1.  All external entities or third parties planning events must complete and agree to the terms of the College’s facilities use agreement, which includes, but is not limited to, insurance requirements for activities with alcohol.

    2.  All alcoholic beverages must be served by a licensed and insured third-party vendor.  Self-service of alcoholic beverages and BYOB are strictly prohibited. Arrangements may be made with the College’s dining services contractor to provide alcohol service, subject to the discretion of the dining services contractor.

    D.  Alcohol Maintenance and Storage
    Departments shall not store alcohol in College office space or units. All alcohol purchased for College-sponsored events under this policy shall be stored and controlled by the AVP for Auxiliary Services in unison with the Director of Catering.

    E.  Violations of Policy
    Any events or activities held in violation of any of the provisions of this policy will not be considered College-sponsored events.  Employees found to have violated the alcohol policy will be subject to corrective action up to and including immediate separation from employment, depending upon the College's view of the seriousness of the offense.
  5. Related Documents and Forms

Request to Supply and Serve Alcoholic Beverages at College-Sponsored Events
[NOTE: Upon completion, you will be prompted to add the name and email address of your Senior Officer and, if your event is on campus and/or students will be in attendance, the Director of Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management. The form will then automatically be sent to them for approval.]

Policy Maintained by: Office of Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management
Original Effective Date: September 26, 2023