Fresh & Local Food

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a program that offers weekly and biweekly shares of local, organic, and fresh produce delivered right to F&M.

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative(LFFC) is a non-profit, organic farmers' cooperative. The cooperative consists of 100+ farmers in the Lancaster, PA area. LFFC offers a program called Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in which they focus on providing healthy and high quality produce to the local community.

Lancaster and F&M community members can pick up CSA shares once each week, year-round at the Center for the Sustainable Environment in the Fair Trade Cafe. Pickup days and times will be sent to subscribers via email after sign-up or before the season commences.

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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) 

What Is CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is a program in which people can buy weekly “shares” of harvests. There are different harvest consisting of vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy, etc. that are in season that are organically and locally grown. CSA members pay for their shares at the beginning of each season and receive weekly shares throughout the season. There is an extensive base of farmers, therefore there is a wide variety of produce. The number of varieties within your share depends on which share is purchased. Information about individual shares can be found below under the different types of shares. CSA Shares will be available for pickup in the Cafe in the Center for the Sustainable Environment.

Why Participate in CSA?

There are many reasons why you should participate in CSA program including environmental benefits, support of local economy, and health purposes.

Environmental and Sustainable Benefits: The CSA Program produce is certified organic and is chemical free. This eliminates the risk of soil and underground water contamination because there are not artificial fertilizers and pesticides being used. In addition, produce purchased in stores travels an average of 1,500 miles from your home. This accounts for a large portion of carbon emissions. Thus, participating in CSA Program reduces your environmental footprint.

Health and General Benefits of CSA: Produce that is displayed in grocery stores often times shipped before peak ripeness along with weeks of travel time are not as fresh as that you will see in CSA. In addition the produce in CSA is organic; therefore there you will not be ingesting chemicals and pesticides. By participating in CSA you will also be supporting the local community of farmers.

To sign up for CSA shares: Visit the Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative website.When selecting a pick-up site, choose "Lancaster-F&M."

* Please note that not all shares are available in every season.

Sustainable Markets

Lemon Street Market

Lemon Street offers a variety of produce, meat, cheese, eggs, baking items, bulk foods, household and cleaning supplies (including bulk options), gardening supplies, gifts, and more. They sell local, organic, vegan and gluten-free options!

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Lancaster Central Market

Central Market offers a variety of products, from produce and fruit, to baked goods and homemade dog treats! Stop by and see all of what they have to offer! A handful of the stands sell local goods! 

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Green Circle Organics

Green Circle Organics sells organic produce, dairy,  breads, pantry items, etc at their Lancaster Central Market stand. They offer both local and regional produce. They can even deliver the food to your house!

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Local, Sustainable Restaurants


Upohar specializes in vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free food from all over the world. This restaurant employs people who experience barriers to workforce entry (i.e., resettled refugee women). Check out the Upohar food truck, restautant, catering business or stand at Central Market!  

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Lancaster's vegan bar and restaraunt!  The menu changes every 6-8 weeks. All dishes are made without animal products. 

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John J. Jeffries

This restaurant is the leading consumer of local organic meats and vegetables in Central PA.  The meats are raised locally, confinement-free on fresh green grass pastures, and their produce is local and chemical free. Their bar and wine menus feature many local beers, wines, and ingredients!

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