Partnering with F&M

We partner with businesses, nonprofits, schools, and others to create meaningful learning and research collaborations for students, faculty, and staff. If you want to hire F&M talent, engage in research, or create a partnership that explores solutions to an intractable problem, we can help.

Ways to Get Involved

There are numerous opportunities to become an F&M partner. Explore the many ways we connect with the surrounding Lancaster community — and reach out when you’re ready to talk about how you can become part of this success!

Center for Opinion Research

The Center for Opinion Research is a full-scale survey research organization based at F&M. With research capabilities enhanced by its relationship with F&M, the center designs innovative and thoughtful research solutions to help organizations answer important questions and make strategic decisions.

Center for Politics and Public Affairs

Located within Franklin & Marshall College, the Center for Politics and Public Affairs (CPPA) fosters the practice of democracy through the study of politics and public policy.

Entrepreneurship at F&M

In the spirit of living up to Benjamin Franklin’s legacy of creating solutions in the service of the public good, Entrepreneurship at F&M is a program that offers exciting courses and programs for entrepreneurial students.

How to hire F&M student and graduate talent

Hire F&M Student and Graduate Talent

Do you want to connect with our exceptional students and recent graduates? Whether you’re sharing an internship, a part-time job, a fellowship, or an opportunity for a full-time career, there are several ways you can help launch an F&M student or recent graduate toward success. 

To get in touch about your exciting opportunity, please contact Stephanie Williams, director of employer and community partnership. 

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Ware Institute for Civic Engagement

Ware Institute for Civic Engagement

F&M’s Ware Institute for Civic Engagement connects F&M students with opportunities to learn, serve, and work in the surrounding Lancaster community. By working directly with local leaders to address community challenges, students develop a deeper understanding of societal issues and make a positive impact on Lancaster while also gaining important professional skills. 

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Our F&M Partnerships in Action

Students Pitch Wellness Initiatives to City of Lancaster

A cohort of 14 Franklin & Marshall students spent a summer tackling some of Lancaster City’s biggest health and wellness challenges. “We started out looking at environmental risks that exist in Lancaster City – things like lead, air quality, tree coverage, vulnerability,” said Maggie Corson, a rising senior and public health major. The students pitched wellness initiatives to a panel of Lancaster community leaders and experts to receive candid and supportive feedback.
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‘Need Is Everywhere’: Students, Faculty Help Rebuild Home in F&M's Backyard

Nine Franklin & Marshall students and 13 of the College's faculty, staff, friends, and alumni spent a week helping to repair and restore a home in Lancaster City. Organized by F&M's Catastrophic Relief Alliance (CRA), the campus crew worked at a Manor Street property — framing, drywalling and doing electrical work. The effort was in concert with Impact Missions, a Lancaster organization that repairs structures for low-income families so they can stay in their homes.
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Explore Lancaster, F&M’s Hidden Gem

F&M’s extraordinary home city of Lancaster is a rich hub of arts and culture filled with experiences for every taste and preference — all within safe walking distance of campus.

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