Trees in the City of Lancaster

Trees in the City of Lancaster

1) Resident Tree Planting

The City of Lancaster offers an affordable Street Tree Planting Program to all residents and businesses. The program is free of charge except for the cost of the tree. The City Arborist will help you pick a tree, conduct a site evaluation, prepare the planting site (including concrete or stump removal if necessary) and plant the tree. 

2) City of Lancaster Tree Site

This is the city's tree website. Here you will find information on plans and regulations about trees, a map showing the location and species of every street and park tree in the city, potential planting sites, and more.

3) Trees in Lancaster

This is a website similar to our own, but for the City of Lancaster. Here you'll find information on and pictures of all the trees in Lancaster City, along with a location for where to find them. 

4) Lancaster Tree Tenders

The Lancaster Tree Tender's mission is "to increase and enhance Lancaster’s urban forest by engaging and empowering neighborhoods to plant and care for trees." Learn more about their efforts here.