• Lina Bernstein
Emerita Professor of Russian



Professor of Russian and Comparative Literature, Franklin & Marshall College 1991–2014
Instructor in Russian Language and Literature, Mount Holyoke College 1986–1991
Instructor in Russian, Amherst College 1988–1989
Teaching Associate,University of Massachusetts 1985–1989
Instructor in Russian, Middlebury College Summer Language School 1984–1989
Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of California, Berkeley 1983–1984
Instructor in Russian, The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies 1982–1983
Instructor in Russian, University of Maryland, 1983


Ph.D. Comparative Literature, University of Massachusetts 1991
Graduate School, Slavic Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley 1983–1984
Diploma in Foreign Language Pedagogy, Concentration in English and German, Moscow (U.S.S.R.) Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Foreign Languages 1972


Current research project: The artist Magda Nachman Acharya

Grants & Awards

Franklin & Marshall College Office of Grants Fellowship 2013
Franklin & Marshall College Summer Faculty Grant 2011
Woodrow Wilson Institute, Kennan Institute Research Grant 2003

Franklin & Marshall College Summer Faculty Grant


The Harvard Davis Russian Center


The Harriman Institute, Columbia University


National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar: Gender and Identity in Russian Literature and Culture


International Research & Exchange Board (IREX) Research Grant


American Council of Teachers of Russian (ACTR) Research Grant


Franklin & Marshall College Summer Faculty Grant


Mount Holyoke College Summer Faculty Grant




“Забытые художники школы Званцевой” (Forgotten Artists of Zvantseva School), forthcoming in Toronto Slavic Quarterly, v. 58, 2017 (in Russian). 

“An Episode from an Émigré Life: The Russian Artist Magda Nachman in India,” (in English) book chapter, forthcoming in 2017, in a collection of essays on the Russian émigré culture, editor Roland Marti, University of Saarland. Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK.

“Indian Nationalists’ Cooperation with Soviet Russia in Central Asia: The Case of  M.P.T. Acharya,” (in English) book chapter, forthcoming in 2017, in a collection of essays Micronarratives and Peripheral Theatres of the Great War, editor Anthony Barker, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal. Publisher: Springer Verlag, Germany.

“‘Seryozha’s daughter is dead’—Text and Context,” Toronto Slavic Quarterly, v. 56, 2016 (in Russian). 

"Letters of the Artist Magda Nachman from Ust-Dolyssy (1919-1920)" in Невельский сборник (Nevel Collection), St.Petersburg: Lema, 2011, 76-88 (coauthor Lena Nekludova).

 “Л.С. Бакст и его ученики: история одного эксперимента” (Léon Bakst and his Students: The History of an Experiment), in Toronto Slavic Quarterly, v. 37, Summer 2011. (Co-author Lena Nekludova).

Julia Obolenskaia. “В школе Званцoвой под руководством Л. Бакста и М. Добужинского”. Прочитано в Академии Художественных Наук. 1927 г. Публикация, комментарии и послесловие: Лина Бернштейн, Лена Неклюдова, ), in Toronto Slavic Quarterly, v. 37, Summer 2011. (At Zvantseva Art School under the direction of Leon Bakst and Mstislav Dobuzhinsky. Publication, commentaries, and analysis by Lina Bernstein and Lena Nekludova.)

“Немецкий романтизм на малороссийский лад: ‘иностранный язык’ Гоголя” (German Romanticism, Ukrainian Style), in  Двести лет Гоголя. Сборник научных работ, ed. Vassilii Shchukin. Kraków: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego, 2011, 105-114.

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Gogol’s Last Book, Birmingham Slavonic Monographs No. 24, 1994




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June 2016

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November 2015

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October 2015

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March 2014

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“Claimants to Royalty and Traveling Royals, 1610—1800,” AAASS Convention, Boston, Chair

December 2004

Eighteenth century Russian culture, the AATSEEL Annual Convention, New York, N.Y. Chair

December, 2002

Sentiment and Society in Eighteenth-Century Russia, the AAASS Annual Convention in Pittsburg, Organizer and presenter

November, 2002

Russian Jewish Literature in the Late Nineteenth Century, the AAASS Annual Convention in St.-Louis. Chair

November, 1999

Maternity Reconfigured:Russian Women Writers and their Literary Progeny, AAASS Convention, Seattle. Organizer and presenter

November, 1997

Poetics of Adaptation: Literary Icons in the Search for Self-Definition, AAASS Convention, Boston. Chair

November, 1996

Russian Catholics in the Nineteenth Century: Unpublished Sources, AAASS Convention, Washington, D.C. Organizer and Chair

October, 1995

Russian Contrarians Abroad, AAASS Convention, Philadelphia. Organizer and Chair

November, 1994

Women’s Texts, AAASS Convention, Philadelphia. Organizer and presenter

November, 1994



“Selected Passages from the Letters of Avdot’ia Petrovna Elagina,” Five College Slavic Seminar, Mount Holyoke College, March, 1995

“Instruction in Letter Writing as a Tool in Peter’s Linguistic and Social Reforms,” Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Toronto, October, 2001

“Неизвестная художница Магда Нахман, ученица Л. Бакста и К. Петрова-Водкина, автор портрета Марины Цветаевой” (The Unknown Artist Magda Nachman, Student of Bakst and Petrov-Vodkin, author of a portrait of Marina Tsvetaeva). Mandelstam Society, RGGU, Moscow, Russia, June 2016


Course Information

The Russian novel from Pushkin to Tolstoy (in English)
Russian literature in the Soviet period (in English)
Literature and politics in Soviet Russia (in English)
Russia: Twentieth Century in Print and Film

The Novel, The World: European Novel
The heroine in Russian literature (in English)
Foundations course: Narrative and the Creation of Self
The world of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace (First Year Seminar)
Utopias and Revolutions (First Year Seminar)
Tragic, Fantastic and Hilarious Russian Short Stories (First Year Seminar)
Reading Dangerously: Women in Flaubert, Tolstoy, and Chekhov
Introduction to literary texts (in Russian)
Russian Short Story (in Russian)
Russian stylistics
Russian language (first through fourth years)
The language of politics (intermediate through advanced)