5/03/2014 Magazine Staff

F&M Responds to White House Call

This magazine article is part of Spring 2014 / Issue 77
The U.S. Department of Education recently announced new transparency in sharing information about cases where individuals have requested a review of a college’s handling of a case of sexual assault or discrimination. The action is part of a White House commitment to preventing sexual assault and included a listing of 55 institutions of higher education under such review, Franklin & Marshall among them.

In an email to the F&M community, President Daniel R. Porterfield explained that the education department’s Office of Civil Rights evaluates all complaints it receives and stressed that the fact-finding investigation does not represent any findings of any fault. He said the College is cooperating with all requests related to the inquiry, and that F&M is at the forefront of colleges whose policies are fully compliant with federal law. The College’s Committee on Sexual Misconduct this fall will assess how the College might do even more to align with the new federal guidance.

“The College welcomes the White House’s focus on sexual assault prevention,” Porterfield said, noting that campus sexual violence is a national issue. “We must always be a community in which complaints can be brought forward safely, and in which they will be investigated and addressed expeditiously and in compliance with the law and our own expectations of ourselves. At the same time, we must redouble our efforts toward prevention education.”

Read the full text of President Porterfield's message at: www.fandm.edu/president/messages-from-the-president


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