1992 Primary

The Democrats

Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton easily defeated former California Governor Jerry Brown 56.5% to 25.7%. Brown managed to carry only two of the state's 67 counties (See Map below). Though Clinton handily won, he was at odds with Democratic Governor Robert P. Casey, the leader of the state Democratic delegation to the national convention. Casey viewed Clinton as a weak potential nominee, and was especially critical of Clinton's pro-choice position on abortion. Clinton did have, however, the strong support of Democratic Senator Harris Wofford, as well as a large contingent of Pennsylvania's elected officials, including the mayors of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and prominent Democratic members of the state legislature as well as congress.

The Republicans

President George Bush faced nominal opposition from Pat Buchanan, a former republican speech writer and television commentator. Bush spent almost no time campaigning in the state. He had wrapped up the nomination after Super Tuesday, prior to the Pennsylvania primary, in March. He trounced Buchanan 77% to 23%, and won every county.

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