Alumni Association Board Member Selection 

As the advisory and leadership board of the College’s Alumni Association, the Alumni Association Board seeks to identify candidates for membership who are proven leaders, have demonstrated service to the F&M alumni population, are experienced in working in a collaborative environment, and are committed to serving as F&M ambassadors in their communities. Board members are elected by the existing directors.

About the Alumni Board

The Board is comprised of members from the full spectrum of the alumni body. Members hold three primary roles:

  • Alumni Association Board members work in conjunction with the College’s Office of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving to plan and execute initiatives that further alumni engagement with the College.
  • Alumni Association Board members are ambassadors of the Alumni Association and the College. Board members are representatives of Alumni Association leadership at on campus and local events and in their F&M networks.
  • The Alumni Association Board and its members celebrate the alumni community, which is largely done through the Alumni Awards program. Board members are asked to contribute to the nominations pool and nominate alumni for recognition.

Learn more about the current Alumni Association Board members


Alumni Board Candidate Eligibility

  • Must have matriculated at the College and earned credit toward one of its degree programs.
  • Must commit to attending meetings in person three times per year in Lancaster and to participating on committees calls throughout the year.
  • Should have a history of leadership, service to the College, and the ability to collaborate and think strategically.
  • Should be willing to serve as an enthusiastic ambassador for the College in their communities.
  • Should philanthropically support the College
  • May be from any geographic location or degree unit.

Members serve a three-year term, which begins on July 1, with an option for a second three-year term.

To learn more about the F&M Alumni Association Board, please contact Teresa Baker, F&M’s Staff Assistant for Annual Giving and the Alumni Association Board, at


F&M Alumni Association Board