• aaron howard
Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology



Office: Lsp 354E


Ph.D. in Biology, Georgetown University, 2011                                                                                               B.S. in Biology and Secondary Education, Grove City College, 2005


In short, I am an evolutionary ecologist interested in the role of floral display (e.g., the arrangement and number of flowers) in plant reproduction.  Much of my work examines how the movement of pollen by pollinators (mostly insects!) from one plant to another is influenced by flowers.  Milkweed plants are my study system.  Watch this cool video (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiwkJui2mh0) to learn more about these plants and their interesting method of pollination!

If you want more information about my research head over to my website: http://aaronfhoward.com.


Bio 210.  Biostatistics                                                                                                                                             Bio 110.  Principles of Evolution, Ecology, & Heredity