American Association of University Professors (AAUP)

 “The AAUP’s purpose is to advance academic freedom and shared governance, to define fundamental professional values and standards for higher education, and to ensure higher education’s contribution to the common good.”

The F&M chapter of the AAUP endorses this mission and seeks to pursue these goals in the local context of our campus.  The F&M chapter provides an open forum, separate from the pressures of college meetings, where members can engage in open dialogue and take action collectively, as appropriate, on matters pertaining to this mission.  Like the national AAUP, the F&M chapter seeks to promote best practices in higher education on a range of topics: academic freedom, teaching and research, compensation, contingent faculty, diversity, ethics, workload, family/life balance, and other issues. 

Executive Commitee


President, Jeffrey Podoshen (Business, Organizations and Society)

Vice-President, James Strick (Earth and Environment)

Secretary, Timothy Roth (Psychology )

Treasurer, Kabi Hartman (English)

Ex Officio, Matthew Hoffman (History), immediate former President

Membership Information

Membership in the National AAUP

The National AAUP has several membership classes.  At Franklin & Marshall College, National AAUP dues can be automatically deducted from your paycheck.  For more information about AAUP membership, visit their website.

Membership in the Franklin & Marshall Chapter of the AAUP

Eligibility for membership in this chapter extends to all current and retired faculty members as well as to academic professionals at Franklin & Marshall College.  Local AAUP dues are collected at our General Meetings.  

Upcoming Meetings

  • Please stay tuned for events happening this Fall and Spring.