John Campbell,  Professor of Psychology
Roger Thompson, Professor of Biological Sciences


The AAUP held a dinner at Gibraltar on April 25, 2014, to honor the accomplishments of John Cambell and Roger Thompson. The dinner began with opening remarks from Executive Board Members Antonio CallariDennis Deslippe and Matthew Hoffman. Maria Mitchell honored Solomon Wank who passed away earlier this year. Elizabeth Lonsdorf honored Roger Thompson, while  Allison Troy honored John Campbell. Meredith Bashaw honored both retirees on behalf of the Psychology Department. Retirees John Campbell and Roger Thompson addressed the audience with their own speeches. 




Jack Heller, Associate Professor of Psychology
Kathleen Triman, Professor of Biology


This year's retirees were not around for us to honor, so there wasn't a traditional retiree dinner in 2013.  We held an AAUP Faculty Blast instead.




Bruce Gustafson, Charles A. Dana Professor of Music
Carl S. Pike, Harry W. and Mary B. Huffnagle Professor of Botany
David Stameshkin, Associate Dean and Prefect of Bonchek College House
James M. Taggart, Lewis Audenreid Professor of History and Archaeology

At a dinner held at Gibraltar on April 13, 2012, Matthew Butterfield honored Bruce Gustafson; Dick Fluck thanked Carl Pike (and he responded); Steven O'Day toasted David Stameshkin; and Michael Billig treasured Jim Taggart.


Dick Fluck, Associate Dean of the Faculty and Dr. E. Paul and Frances H. Reiff Professor of Biology
Anton Ugolnik, Dr. Elijah E. Kresge Professor of English

The F&M Chapter of the AAUP re-established the tradition of honoring (and roasting) our distinguished retirees at a dinner in the F&M Catering Suite on May 6, 2011.