Welcome to the official website of the Dillerville Yard Consolidation Project, an exciting initiative led by Franklin & Marshall College and Lancaster General that will consolidate Norfolk Southern’s existing rail yard, provide for the next wave of economic development in Northwest Lancaster, re-connect the city street grid system, and improve the environmental conditions in the greater Lancaster area.

We thank you for taking the time to learn more about this historic initiative, one that we believe will benefit the College, Lancaster General and the community. The College and Lancaster General are committed to sharing information about this project so check this site for new postings.

The project consolidates Norfolk Southern’s Dillersville Rail Yard, a portion of which is adjacent to the F&M campus. The rail operations of the eastern most portion of the yard will be consolidated from its current location near Harrisburg Avenue to a site behind the U.S. Post Office on Harrisburg Pike in Manheim Township and to a reconfigured main yard west of Dillersville Road in the City of Lancaster.

When the consolidation is completed, F&M and Lancaster General will clear the eastern portion of the rail yard, environmentally remediate the ground, install utilities and other public improvements and connect two city streets.

The project scope includes four stages:

  • Environmental cleanup where the new rail yard will be located
    The site of the new rail facility required an environmental cleanup before construction could begin. The parcel was a former municipal dump the contents of which were removed and deposited in the Lancaster County landfill in Manor Township. Environmental remediation specialists completed the cleanup according to a Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Act 2 Plan and the Department approved the results of the clean up process in June 2010.
  • Construction of the new rail facility
    The new rail facility will be located north of the existing Norfolk Southern tracks, behind the Harrisburg Pike U.S. Post Office and east of the Little Conestoga Creek. Construction began in April 2010 and will be completed by summer 2011.
  • Remodeling a portion of the existing rail yard
    The main portion of the Dillersville Rail Yard, located behind businesses west of Dillersville Road, will be remodeled. Most of the rail-car switching occurs there and will continue to in the future. The work involves removing the tracks temporarily, regrading the yard and replacing the tracks into a straighter configuration. A private vehicular bridge for Norfolk Southern vehicles will be built across Harrisburg Pike and a new yard office will be constructed. This work will begin in late spring 2011 and conclude in late 2012.
  • Developing the land where the current rail yard now stands
    When the above work is completed, Norfolk Southern will discontinue its rail operations from the section of the yard east of Dillersville Road. F&M and Lancaster General will clear the site, environmentally remediate the property, install public infrastructure, and connect Liberty Street to College Avenue and Charlotte Street to Armstrong Boulevard. 


If you have any questions regarding the project, please send us an email at communitymatters@fandm.edu.​

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Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Approves Final Environmental Cleanup Report for Lancaster Brickyard Site

Press Release June 2, 2010


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