Implement a new general education curriculum, promoting connections among different fields of study

Franklin & Marshall faculty recognize the ever-increasing value that multidisciplinary approaches bring to teaching and learning. In the years ahead, the College will develop new structures to promote reflective and cross-disciplinary curricular study. We aim to give students intellectual breadth and depth that empowers them to succeed in any course of life they choose to take.

Invest in more robust and integrated pre-major advising and mentoring

The faculty’s role in academic advising, both before and after students declare majors, is crucial to fostering their intellectual growth. F&M will explore models for more robust pre-major advising to meet the evolving needs of today’s students—and to help them take full advantage of the general education curriculum.

Create a Faculty Center to support faculty and their professional development

“The potential of this wide-ranging and ambitious project...will help faculty be even better mentors and advisers, more innovative teachers and forward-thinking scholars, and more deeply engaged colleagues.” –2012-13 Strategic Planning Steering Committee

Develop educational technology to enhance learning

A 19-month planning grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation will provide new resources for Franklin & Marshall, Dickinson and Gettysburg colleges to collaborate in evaluating the potential of online resources to enhance classroom learning and student research.

Promote varsity, club and intramural athletics as opportunities for learning and leadership

Deeply motivated by the American ideal of the scholar-athlete, the College will build a model Division III athletics program. Initiatives such as the new yearlong Harwood Leadership Seminar, through which student athletes and other student leaders learn together about leadership styles, reflects our commitment to this vision.