Create new opportunities for alumni and parent engagement with the College

"Many alumni achieve a great sense of satisfaction and engagement by contributing their time and energy to the College. This makes the effort and enthusiasm of our volunteers one of our most precious assets. As such, the more we can do to nurture the quality and commitment of our volunteers, the more value we should be able to return to all alumni.” –Franklin & Marshall Alumni Association Strategic Plan 2012-2015

Launch a comprehensive fundraising campaign

With campaign funding, the College will increase financial aid, grow faculty resources, increase student and faculty research, and strengthen innovations such as the College House system and the Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development.

Increase the size of the College’s endowment

Important financial goals of a comprehensive campaign must include securing substantial gifts to strengthen Franklin & Marshall’s endowment, thus growing annual revenue for the operating budget to support faculty and students.

Continue to invest in competitive compensation for faculty and staff

While striving to limit tuition increases, F&M has also increased faculty and professional staff compensation by almost 8% over the past two years. The College will work with the faculty and the Franklin & Marshall College Board of Trustees to maintain competitive compensation and benefits, reflecting our status as a national institution.

Acquire and begin developing the North Campus property

As part of the historic Northwest Gateway project, the College and Lancaster General Health are in the final stages of acquiring 28 acres adjacent to the campus, and beginning development activities including the construction of an extension of Liberty Street to College Avenue. The development of the North Campus will afford the College an opportunity to re-envision an athletic precinct for Franklin & Marshall that, over time, will become home to field hockey, track, baseball and softball.

Fund and construct the Shadek Stadium

In the largest gift ever to Franklin & Marshall for athletics, Laurence Shadek ’72 and the Shadek Family Foundation have donated $5 million to the College to help build Shadek Stadium on F&M’s North Campus. The gift is the leading investment in a drive to raise $17.5 million for a multipurpose facility that will offer spaces for training and competition, sports medicine, and leadership programs for students and coaches.

Develop F&M’s physical spaces and refresh the College’s long-term Campus Master Plan

We will sustain academic facilities that support our excellence in teaching and research, along with College Houses and other facilities that make our student residential college experience second to none. After the completion of Shadek Stadium, the College will develop plans for the space currently occupied by Williamson Field.

Enhance F&M’s ongoing engagement with the City of Lancaster

The College has contributed to economic development and public safety in the northwest section of Lancaster and is deepening its civic engagement through community-based learning and research, as well as through student, faculty and professional staff volunteer service. In 2012-13, a grant from the James Hale Steinman Foundation helped the College create F&M Works, which enables 40 students to hold paid internships with Lancaster nonprofit organizations at no charge to those organizations.

Enhance F&M’s visibility in evolving forms of public media

The College is building its visibility by publicizing our faculty and students’ creation of knowledge, the initiatives and programs that reflect the College’s leadership and innovation, and the achievements of our alumni. We will ensure that across the country and around the world, prospective students and their families, potential donors, and allies in secondary education and the public and private sectors recognize Franklin & Marshall as a national liberal arts college.

Implement F&M’s 2013 Sustainability Master Plan

“Franklin & Marshall College will become a leader in sustainability by enriching the environmental, economic and social well-being of our community. Through our decisions and actions, we will cultivate a sustainability-centered ethos that permeates the lives of our community members.” –Franklin & Marshall College Sustainability Master Plan, adopted in October 2012

Invest in F&M’s technology infrastructure

To remain competitive in meeting the demands of preparing students in a technology- driven world, the College will ensure that it has the appropriate technology infrastructure (wireless, mobile, networking, academic and administrative systems) to ensure the College is well positioned to support a high level of learning in a rapidly changing environment.

Expand cost-sharing and consortial strategies for efficient College operations

The College will actively explore strategies that include joint purchasing agreements, information technology services and joint study abroad programs to control the growth of our operating budget while enhancing our excellence and value. For example, this year, F&M has collaborated with Bucknell University and Susquehanna University to hire a joint chief information security officer.

Develop new revenue-generating programs and activities

F&M will take advantage of its strong physical assets to craft sustainable strategies of revenue enhancement. Opportunities for revenue include offering educational and extracurricular programs that are aligned with our mission, and making facilities available to other institutions.