Why It Matters

How does a great national college seize the future? By finding and educating a remarkable student community of tomorrow’s thinkers and leaders.

Franklin & Marshall’s history of investing in the intellect and promise of students from across the United States and around the world positions the College well to respond to major changes in the demographics of tomorrow’s college students. Our research reveals that talented students want exactly what we have—rigorous small classes, intense interaction with faculty, and communities in which students are known and truly valued. Today’s top students want to forge distinctive paths. They want to combine multiple interests to make their mark on campus and beyond. Such students are ideally suited to F&M, where we cultivate the greatness in each learner, one by one.

In one classroom at any given time, a junior destined to win the national Truman Scholarship—the most prestigious award for students committed to careers in government— might sit across the table from a peer whose leadership has earned her a coveted national Mitchell Scholarship, exchanging ideas in a seminar about human rights and global refugee policies. This recent encounter in of one of F&M’s classrooms is a reflection of the learning that takes place every day.

To attract a deeper pool of extremely high-performing students, we have increased financial aid and expanded our outreach to excellent independent, public and parochial schools nationwide and are seeing exciting early results in our recent incoming classes. Our aided students reflect the academic excellence of our entire student body and excel in earning awards, fellowships and other honors. In the last two decades, we also have become a national leader in recruiting and educating top international students, which enhances the globalized education we offer all students. At home and abroad, we attract students who are curious and research-oriented. Our faculty members teach them to pose creative questions, connect ideas, write well, think with depth, relate theory and practice, and navigate diverse perspectives.

Moreover, a growing body of national research shows that, each year, thousands of students of modest economic backgrounds who have outstanding grades and test scores fail to apply to the highly selective colleges and universities for which they are qualified. To attract terrific students who might otherwise “undermatch” their college options, we are optimizing partnerships with some of the nation’s most successful schools, networks and college access programs—a strategic priority that is enhancing our admissions profile.

Becoming a national leader in identifying, educating and launching talent from all backgrounds reflects the College’s commitment to sustaining the most rich and catalyzing student and alumni communities possible, thereby jointly enhancing the future of the College and the world.

Student Stories
Story 8/3/2018

Forced Migration and the Idea of Home

As an archaeologist and architectural historian, Associate Professor of Art History Kostis Kourelis studies the way places tell stories of people. In summer 2016, the Franklin & Marshall College...

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Story 7/19/2018

Applied Research: Measuring Smartphone App Updates

A Franklin & Marshall professor noticed a trend occurring in computer software development over the last several years and decided to investigate. That involved creating a smartphone app, and...

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Story 7/12/2018

Summer Research: The Honeybee in Global Environmental...

Like bats, moths, and other pollinators, honeybees help to fertilize crops and allow humans to produce diverse foods. But because these pollinators are harmed by pesticides, fungicides and...

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Story 6/29/2018

Animal Welfare: Developing the Right Comfort Level with...

Yellow, spotted and about 12 inches long, the gecko scampered around until F&M senior Camden McMillian set the eyelet of a skewer before him. After a few hopeful moments, the little lizard approached...

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Story 6/29/2018

Analyzing Bilingual Autobiographical Memory

How does speaking two languages affect the way we remember and retell our personal experiences? To answer this question, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Linguistics Jessica Cox and her previous...

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Story 5/9/2018

Tassels to Turn for May 12 Commencement

Tassels will turn, caps will fly, and family and friends will cheer as members of Franklin & Marshall’s Class of 2018 mark the completion of their undergraduate careers and the launch of their...

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