Strengthen lifelong career and fellowship support through the Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development

Beyond traditional career services, Franklin & Marshall prepares students for their lives and careers and continues to support them as alumni. We get them ready for life and work after college by helping them explore potential career pathways, exposing them to extraordinary opportunities, preparing them to compete and helping them sustain trajectories of success beyond college.

Deepen students’ preparation for advanced study beyond F&M

During the five-year period 2005-09, 6.7% of the graduating classes of Franklin & Marshall alumni went on to earn Ph.D.’s or other research doctorates—placing us in the top 5% of all types of institutions nationally. In 2012-13, we expanded pre-professional advising programs by appointing full-time advisors for health and legal professions, building on F&M’s historic strength.

Invest in health and counseling services to meet students’ needs

The College will enhance its health, counseling and wellness resources—a critical investment for this generation. We will help students learn how to manage stress and emotional needs, and reduce the risk of harmful behaviors. We will partner with our students in these efforts.

Create new opportunities for leadership, entrepreneurship and citizenship

The College will enhance opportunities for students to demonstrate individual initiative and develop civic enterprises, encouraging them to build programs that contribute to their communities and society. A leading example is the students who head to the Chris Campbell Memorial Field and Education Center in Khayelitsha Township, South Africa, over the summer to participate in the ONE Goal program. ONE Goal was founded by F&M students who secured grant funding for a program that uses soccer to engage local youth in public-health education. And, the soccer field itself was dedicated in 2008 to memorialize former F&M men’s soccer player Chris Campbell ‘08, who died unexpectedly in August 2007.

Create programs to build students’ financial literacy

Promoting financial well-being outside the classroom, the College will educate students about sound money-management practices before, during and following college. Franklin & Marshall recognizes the positive impact such work can have on students’ economic security, social mobility and quality of life.