Office of the Provost

The Provost and Dean of the Faculty is the chief academic officer of the College and oversees Academic Affairs. This includes the curriculum, academic resources, institutes and centers, as well as faculty governance and personnel matters.

Main Office Phone: 717-358-4283
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Meet the Interim Provost

Learn more about  Interim Provost and Dean of the Faculty Mary Osirim. 

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Meet the Provost's Office Staff

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Experiential Learning Communities at F&M

Looking toward the future and following the evolving needs of our society in the 21st century, F&M has developed several new faculty-led ventures connecting the liberal arts to the world beyond campus.

  • Center for Sustained Engagement with Lancaster
    "CSEwL" is a hub for generating new avenues of inquiry, initiatives, and research collaborations between F&M and diverse constituencies in Lancaster City and County. 

  • Creativity, Innovation and the Future of Work
    Students need to become experts within academic disciplines and develop cross-disciplinary skills and mindsets. Creativity, Innovation & the Future of Work at F&M gives students the chance to flex their hard-earned academic expertise while gaining invaluable real-world experience addressing complex problems as members of multi-disciplinary teams. 
  • Entrepreneurship at F&M
    In the spirit of living up to Benjamin Franklin’s legacy of creating solutions in the service of the public good, F&M has created an initiative centered on entrepreneurship and the spirit of having a positive, lasting impact in the world around us. 
  • Humanities Initiative
    The Humanities Initiative at F&M promotes humanistic inquiry as the core of liberal arts education for the 21st century through initiatives that foster humanistic thought and demonstrate the relevance of the humanities throughout students’ undergraduate experience and faculty members’ intellectual lives. 



Faculty & Staff Accomplishments

Read more about our talented faculty and professional and their research and scholarship, collaboration with students, awards, grants and more. 

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Supporting Faculty Development & Engagement 

F&M faculty have access to a robust set of resources related to teaching, scholarship, and service. The Office of the Provost is dedicated to connecting faculty with people and programs throughout Academic Affairs that can support their personal and professional growth.


Shared Governance and Community

Faculty involvement in shared governance is crucial to the institutional environment that allows the profession and academic freedom to flourish. Learn more about what this means and why faculty have a responsibility for it. 

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Faculty Center

The Faculty Center offers pedagogical and research support and provides resources to support faculty development, as well as community-building through informal interaction.   

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Office of Sponsored Research

This office supports the scholarly and creative pursuits of faculty, students, and staff, as well as the strategic priorities of the institution through services to help secure grant funding.  

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Research Policies and Practices

Explore the policies and practices created to facilitate faculty scholarship and artistic expression, assist investigators in their creative endeavors, and provide prudent stewardship of public and private funds.

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Faculty DEI Initiatives

Several initiatives to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion at F&M are underway in order to continue offering an excellent liberal arts education for all our students. Our overarching goal is to effect broader cultural change to create an enviroment of inclusion and respect that permeates our campus community. 

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For Current F&M Faculty

This website contains links to the Faculty Handbook and other documents, forms, and resources. 

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Teaching & Curriculum 


Called "Connections," our curriculum encourages students to strive beyond traditional boundaries and limits and make connections across what might be considered typical structures of study, between theory and practice, between other students and faculty, and between their liberal arts education and the world. 

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Academic Centers

Hubs for activity in the arts, environmental conservation, skill development in writing and problem-solving, and survey research, F&M's academic centers provide a range of resources for teaching and learning. 

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The Franklin & Marshall College Library is housed in two locations: the Shadek-Fackenthal Library and the Martin Library of the Sciences.  

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Institutional Research

This office oversees F&M's data reporting and assesses the effectiveness of College programs in areas including academics and student achievement, financial resources, student life, and planning. 

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Latest Faculty Stories

Story 5/25/2023

Liberal Arts is the Future of Work

Liberal arts colleges and educational leaders from around the country will gather at F&M June 1-3 for a conference to imagine the workplace of tomorrow.

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Story 5/13/2023

Bradley R. Dewey Award for Outstanding Scholarship Citation...

Dr. Susan Dicklitch-Nelson is an idea person. She is naturally drawn to work that is complex, puzzling, and often ignored by mainstream or popular outlets.

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Story 5/13/2023

Faculty Distinguished Service Award Citation in Honor of Kim...

Professor Kim Armstrong’s 34 years of tireless dedication and service to the Spanish & Linguistics Department, and to the college community as a whole, are undeniable.  

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